Mace Ground ORDER NOW & buy the best and we will include a free gift

Mace Ground ORDER NOW & buy the best and we will include a free gift


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Mace Ground

Though we do not grow mace or nutmeg at Home Farm Herbery, we do use a lot of it in our blends and cooking so we had to find a reliable source that was acceptable to our high standards. We do carry it and we offer this all natural, chemical free spice to all our loyal customers.

Ground Mace is a delightful addition but should be used in small quantities or it will quickly overpower a dish or spice blend. It is considered more of a savory spice and is a key ingredient in pickling spices. Good Mace is expensive, but a little goes a long way and it is a good keeper.

Mace goes well with barbeque sauces, cabbage, cakes, carrots, cheese dishes, cookies, curries, homemade doughnuts, mashed potatoes, oyster stew, puddings, pumpkin pie, spinach, Swedish meatballs, sweet potato pie, stuffing, squash and yams.

Mace is frequently used in place of nutmeg when the darker color specs of nutmeg distracts from the appearance of certain dishes. Ground mace is an ideal nutmeg substitute in clear broths, light colored sauces and mashed potatoes.

A little known fact about Mace is that it comes from the same tree as the better known spice – Nutmeg. Nutmeg isn't actually a nut, but the kernel of an apricot-like fruit. Mace is the second spice of this tree and is an aril or thin lacy covering of the nutmeg seed or fruit. Indigenous to the Banda Islands (one of the Spice Islands), the nutmeg tree is a large evergreen that grows up to 60 feet tall. The tree produces “fruit” starting in its seventh year and may continue through its 90th year. The “fruits” are harvested using long poles with nets on the end and then the Mace is separated from the inner nutmeg seed.

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